Toyapakeh is one of the most beautiful dive sites in Nusa Penida, suitable for levels with a good guide and very popular with macro enthusiasts. Diving Toyapakeh is a great experience for macro lovers.

Diving Toyapakeh, Nusa Penida Toyapakeh dive site is like our home

Diving Toyapakeh, it’s like diving at home. The dive site is indeed located just down Warnakali dive center in Nusa Penida. And it is one of our 20 top dive sites in Bali. There is a small coral plateau, 4 to 6 meter deep which is also a snorkeling site. After this plateau, there are two terraces. The first terrace is about 12 to 15 meter deep. And the second terrace is around 40 meters deep. It is a very popular dive site because the water is clear and the coral is rich. And also because the bay, although quite exposed, does offer some protection from the strong current flowing through the strait.

Diving Toyapakeh
We enter the water under the « Tree », in shallow water. From the surface, the colors of the coral already look astonishing. From one plateau to the other, the layout is made out of stairs that brings us to the last slope, and then into Toyapakeh’s typical blue. There are many ways to dive Toyapakeh. One way is to drift along the wall in the direction of Gamat Bay. This way the exceptional topography allows us to play with the currents. In the direction of SD point, we will drift along the amazing gardens with many staghorn corals. Every single dive brings its own set of surprises, always colorful !

Toyapakeh dive site flora and fauna
Toyapakeh dive site is very extensive, allowing long-lasting dives, whatever the intensity of the current. It is a very beautiful coral plateau, very colorful.

You will find just in front of Warnakali an area protected by bommies with big gorgonians and soft coral bushes. The bommies create a beautiful structure and the whole area is very rich : schools of different species, soft corals, healthy hard corals.

We really like Toyapakeh dive site because of its large diversity of flora and fauna. Many schools of platax, fusiliers, sweetlips and jacks. In the blue, we can regularly admire tunas and giant trevallies. We may also meet there a Mola Mola, from time to time, during the season. The flora is dense and you can observe many species of crabs, shrimps and nudibranchs. Macro lovers will love Toyapakeh dive site !

To know more about the marine fauna in Bali you can read this guide of Nusa Penida diving.

Diving Toyapakeh instructor’s best of
«A sunset on Toyapakeh, my guilty pleasure.

Boats are moored, a deep calm reigns. Colors are different, blazing, a charming ride, delightful. A whole new world appears, the night. Every single coral structure is buzzing, I could stay all night long to admire this special universe, exclusive to a few lucky divers. For sure a must do on the island, probably the most outstanding way to finish your Advanced Open Water course with a night dive.»


Diving Toyapakeh with Warnakali dive center

You can dive at Toyapakeh with Warnakali during a discovery dive, a PADI course dive or, if you are certified, during a fun dive.


Toyapakeh dive site characteritics

Type of diving : drift, macro

Depth: 5-40 meters

Level required: all levels (with the right guide)

Visibility: 15-25 meters

Current: moderate to strong

Access: 2 minutes navigation

Fauna and Flora: Coral, Mola Mola, Platax, giant trevally fish, frogfish, shrimps, crabs, nudibranchs

Best time: Diving all year