Diving SD, Nusa Penida
SD dive site
The north coast of Nusa Penida offers among the most beautiful drift dives of Bali. Five dive sites stand out around the same area. SD, PED, Sental and Tugu walls. SD stands for Sekolah Dasar which means elementary school in Indonesian. Because the dive site is right in front of the school ! Diving SD is like going to the movies. Because during a drift dive you just have to let yourself be carried by the current and watch the show !

SD dive site consists of a fairly wide plateau, between 4 and 6 meters, rather sandy, on which you can sometimes come across turtles. The plateau ends in a coral slope which goes very deep. The best depth to enjoy the site is around 18 meters where you can see abundant color as well as macro. This is particularly pleasant when you go there early in the morning. At SD dive site you can even come across Mola Mola during the season. However, the place is vast because it is a series of several dive sites.

When diving SD the currents may change direction during the dive but this is not a problem because at that time your guide will then make you go back and forth. In rare circumstances, there can be downdrafts. In these cases, we will be very vigilant in guiding.

How to dive SD
You can dive PED during a discovery dive with Warnakali or during a PADI certification course with Warnakali dive center or if you are certified during a fun dive with Warnakali.

The characteristics of SD
Type of diving : wall, drift, deep, photography, marine biology.

Depth: 4 to 40 meters

Level required: all levels

Visibility: 10-40 meters

Current: weak to strong

Access: boat

Fauna and Flora: Barracudas, platax, Mola mola, Eagle ray, Trevally, Napoleon, Sweetlip, triggerfish, macro…

Best time: All year

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