Gamat Bay dive site is a 8 m deep coral plateau with a wall falling down to 40 meters at the end of the bay. On the plateau you will feel like in an aquarium !

Diving Gamat Bay, Nusa Penida
Diving Gamat Bay is like diving in an aquarium
Gamat Bay dive site in Nusa Penida is a large and shallow coral plateau between two rocky points, extended by a downward slope. This plateau is 6 to 8 meters deep (sometimes a little more at high tide), which is convenient for discovery dives. At the end of the bay there is a wall that goes down to 40 meters. There, a sandbank in the direction of the blue delimits our playground. Such an amazing playground that everyone diving Gamat Bay should enjoy it ! That’s why it is part of our top 20 dive sites in Bali !

Gamat Bay is an important site for us because we adopted it as part of the Project Aware Dive Against Debris.

The idea here is to drift along the reef. The topography of the site, marked by very nice coral structures, contributes to the charm and beauty of this dive. Sometimes challenging, its privileged location offers an experience rich in underwater flora and fauna. From the smallest to the biggest, we frequently observe many species of nudibranches, turtles, moray eels, squads of batfish and marble rays, as well as our dear Mola Mola. To know more about the marine fauna in Bali you can read this guide of Nusa Penida diving.

Diving Gamat Bay instructor’s best of
“Gamat Bay was the first site dived by Warnakali, just before the dive center inauguration. It was an unforgettable day with 2 discovery dives.

Since then, Gamat Bay remains THE landmark site of Warnakali’s history. Every single Dive Against Debris certification is done there. None of my students can escape from it, a Warnakali diver has to dive Gamat !”

Yann, IDCS

« Gamat Bay, the soul of Warnakali. Gamat Bay is delightful, such a colorful dive site, from its shallow water bay until its deep water wall. There is life everywhere, schools of fish and untouched corals. Its water are unpredictable and bring every time a load of surprises. It is a site that has to be earned. I really enjoy Gamat Bay dive site to improve the buyoancy of my students & teach them the perfect position to adopt when you are drift diving.

It is also a sweet site to perform different adventures during an Advanced open water course : deep dive, orientation, fish ID, PPB… Beyond the fact it is a perfect playground to teach, Gamat Bay is also an astonishment for the eyes. I have for proof the big smile on my student faces at the surface, proud to successfully lived such a challenging & wonderful dive. Without any doubt, a must do for every Warnakali divers ! »

Loic, OWSI

Words of our guests diving Gamat Bay
“Diving Gamat Bay is challenging. We really have to remain attentive to the currents as they can change in a second. But how good it is to observe so much life there. During a dive there we stopped to admire one Mola Mola, then two, then three, until we realized we were on Sunfish highway, surrounded by fourteen of them! Lucky you want to say? It all depends on the guide!

So get your fins and come and enjoy diving Gamat Bay with us ! ”

Marion, October 2018

How to dive Gamat Bay
You can dive at Gamat Bay during a discovery dive with Warnakali or during a PADI certification course with Warnakali dive center or if you are certified during a fun dive with Warnakali.

Gamat Bay is also a beautiful snorkeling spot but you need to bring your mask, tuba and fins. But be careful, the beach is not supervised and very strong currents can carry you out of the bay. If there is no snorkeling boat in the bay, wearing fins is essential. And please, don’t do like many tourists who can’t swim : don’t walk on the coral. It is neither good for your feet, nor for the coral. Read this to learn more about Gamat Bay and how to get there by road.

The characteristics of Gamat Bay dive site
Type of diving : photography, macro, buoyancy, for experienced diver : drift dive at the exit of bay.

Depth: 6 to 40 meters

Level required: all levels (with the right guide)

Visibility: 15-25 meters

Temperature of the water : 18/23 °C

Current: mild to strong

Access: 10 minutes navigation from Toyapakeh

Flora : Coral, sandbar

Fauna : Mola-Mola, marble ray, reef shark, ghostpipe, frogfish, nudibranches

Best time: All year

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