PADI Open Water in Nusa Penida

As a PADI 5 star dive resort, Warnakali brings you world-renowned training under the supervision of experienced professionals. We offer diving training and initiation to adults and children, from 8 years old in confined spaces, 10 years at sea.

As a PADI 5 star dive resort, Warnakali brings you world-renowned training under the supervision of experienced professionals. We offer diving training and initiation to adults and children, from 8 years old in confined spaces, 10 years at sea.

Become a certified PADI Open Water Diver with the French-speaking Warnakali diving center. The training takes place in 3 stages:

  • e-learning at home before your trip, with a review once you arrive in Nusa Penida and Bali
  • practical training with 5 exercise dives in the 3 meter deep pool of Warnakali
  • 4 sea dives in the waters of Nusa Penida, a diving paradise!

As part of our programs, we are accompanied by all the safety equipment necessary for the practice of scuba diving, namely oxygen, first aid kit, means of communication. We are also able to offer you the necessary insurance if you do not have it.

PADI Open Water in Nusa Penida

The PADI Open Water Diver course is the most popular of the PADI diving courses . It is also recognized around the world as the first level of independent diving. Learning to dive means offering yourself a new field of exploration, an incredible world . Come and spend it at Warnakali Dive Center in Nusa Penida !

You will take your first breath underwater and you will never forget this new feeling. Beyond this discovery, you will also learn all that is necessary for your comfort and your safety to become a certified diver , ready to discover the underwater world. 

How is your Open Water Diver course going with Warnakali?

It starts at home

Your Open Water Diver training with Warnakali will start at home, like a taste of vacation. Thanks to e-learning, you will start learning the theoretical bases of scuba diving at home in peace.

E-learning is an electronic presentation of the 5 chapters of the course , including knowledge reviews and a final exam. Easy to access, it allows you to walk around lightly with everything you need to know for the Open Water Diver course. As you progress through the sections of this e-learning, your underwater dream will begin to take shape even before you leave.

On arrival in Nusa Penida, final exam completed

The Open Water diver training  with Warnakali includes three main phases , under the supervision of your instructor:

  • First, the development of your theoretical knowledge based on the basic principles of scuba diving. This will include reviewing and deepening the theory acquired through e-learning.
  • Then 5 dives in the swimming pool, to learn the basic techniques.
  • Finally 4 dives at sea , on the dive sites of Nusa Penida. You will then use your skills to start exploring the seabed!

3-day training

Your instructor will accompany you throughout these 3 full days . He will ensure that you have time to properly assimilate the theory. And you will practice the exercises with him at your own pace until you are completely comfortable.

Warnakali instructors

Patients, professionals, enthusiasts, Warnakali instructors have been trained around the islands of Bali and the Nusa Penida archipelago. Through their education and training, they know the sites and the environment perfectly . They speak French and English . 

You will have the chance to be able to meet them on the boat. On board, they will be happy to share their experiences, advice, or just a good time with you . Buraq 3 is a boat dedicated to sharing, good humor, and communion between divers. Whatever the level of each diver, as long as a smile is present!

The PADI Open Water Theory

E-learning at home

The e-learning is presented in different chapters, which you can download in full or by section. You will find all the theoretical baggage necessary for scuba diving. Each section dissects the basic concepts of diving. Each has text parts, several videos and a mini exam.

The Open Water Diver e-learning will end with a final exam which will validate the assimilation of your knowledge. It is preferable to finalize this beginning of learning before disembarking on Nusa Penida. You will indeed have more fun during your course. But you will also free up time on site to fully enjoy the island and your holidays.

Theory review in Nusa Penida

After your arrival at the center we will complete the administrative and medical forms together. We will then begin a quick review of the theory to validate your knowledge. This will also allow the less obvious notions to be developed together.

This is the first moment in a long series of exchanges that will deepen your understanding of the world of diving. But also to define your objectives and your expectations for this course. The theory will be present during all the moments on the surface. And each of your questions will then be answered over the next 3 days.

Educational material

The equipment required for the PADI Open Water Diver course is provided to you by Warnakali. In addition to the diving equipment, you will have on-site educational materials such as submersible slates. But also safety equipment and all the logistics adapted to a serene learning in an idyllic setting.

The start of the Open Water Diver training 

After you have assimilated the theory of the Open Water Diver course, it will be time to breathe underwater for the first time! It is during 4 dives in the pool that you will gradually learn the techniques of the scuba diver. First you get to know the equipment in the small pool.

Then you will descend to  3 meters depth to learn to control yourself underwater and to balance your ears in a reassuring environment. You will then do the exercises following the demonstrations of your instructor, first at shallow depth, then at 3 meters deep.

The end of this day will end with a mini "leisure" dive , enough to put you in real conditions to approach your dives at sea calmly. You will have the opportunity to progress at your own pace to be completely comfortable during your dives at sea the next day.

4 sea dives in Nusa Penida

The dive sites of Nusa Penida are very varied. You will take advantage of each dive to learn and have a good time . You will evolve and put your new skills to good use during our two mornings at sea, thanks to exercises on the surface and then underwater, all already practiced in the swimming pool.

Each of these dives will be an opportunity to learn, to practice but also to live your underwater explorations . During the exploratory part of each dive, the very rich aquatic life on the sites of Nusa Penida will amaze you. Each day, your instructor will also suggest different dives depending on the sea conditions and the knowledge to be validated. The idea will always be to achieve the educational objectives in a simple and secure way.

The first dive

During your first dive, we will focus on the sensations at sea. You will already begin to put into practice the good habits discussed during your e-learning and swimming pool dives. As you go, you will become more and more comfortable with this brand new environment.

Until you get to your fourth dive where you will learn how to do your briefing and organize your dive in pairs. This will be your first almost autonomous scuba diving. But your instructor will still be there to guide and accompany you. 

Memorable dives

In addition to obtaining certification, the goal is to make your dives memorable , by diving with manta rays at Manta Point for example! And if you really want to know from the inside out how an Open Water Diver training takes place, read the article by Claire and Arthur who recount their experience . They were trained and certified by Warnakali in April 2018! Or Coralie's article . You can also read our guide to diving in Nusa Penida and Bali .

Who should take this PADI Open Water course?

Always wanted to take scuba diving lessons? Do you want to discover a new universe under the waves? So, this is where the adventure begins! You will obtain your scuba diver's certificate  with the PADI Open Water training. This course is the most popular and the patent is recognized around the world. Millions of people have indeed learned to dive and continue to discover the wonders of the aquatic world thanks to this certification.

To register for the PADI Open Water Diver  (or Junior Open Water Diver) training, you must be 10 years of age or older . You will need adequate swimming skills and be in good physical health. But no previous experience with scuba diving is required.

Before and after the Open Water Diver

However, it is possible to start with a first scuba diving initiation or the PADI Scuba Diver course. And if you like it, all you have to do is complete the PADI Open Water Diver course to get your certification! And why not, then complete your training with the adventure dives of the PADI Adventure Diver course and finally with the PADI Advanced Open Water course. Or just enjoy diving days or safaris around Nusa Penida and Bali!

Under the spell of the sites of Nusa Penida as well as the friendly, even family atmosphere of Warnakali, some recreational divers have even decided to move on to a professional career. As was the case with our instructor Marion who passed her PADI Divemaster at Warnakali before becoming a diving instructor .  

And spending your Open Water Diver as a couple, with friends or even between mother and daughter, it will remain a highlight for all! 

What diving equipment will you use?

In the Open Water Diver course, you will learn how to use standard diving equipment. In particular the mask, the snorkel, the fins, the regulator, the stabilizing vest and the diving bottle. In Warnakali, all the equipment is new and maintained by qualified personnel . And above all, all the necessary emergency equipment is available on the ground and on board the boat.

You will also use the very high level technical facilities of Warnakali in Nusa Penida:

  • Classrooms for theoretical training.
  • A swimming pool with small basin to familiarize yourself with the diving equipment while having your feet.
  • Our 3 meter deep swimming pool . You will repeat the basic exercises in a reassuring but representative environment, before practicing them at sea.
  • Enjoy an exceptional environment in Nusa Penida!

     Warnakali offers one of the best views in Nusa Penida over the Lembongan Strait, Mount Agung and Bali in the distance. Its 3-meter-deep infinity pool is a must for training. But also to admire the sunset. So, after your training or your dives at sea, let yourself be tempted by an aperitif or a dinner. After the effort, the comfort! 

  • An open water "plus", open the doors to infinity

    During your Open Water Diver course, we will teach you all the techniques necessary for your comfort, in order to dive safely.

    In certain corners of the world, often remote, or during a scuba diving cruise, it will be preferable to breathe an oxygen-enriched gas, called nitrox , rather than air. It is sometimes even mandatory by local regulations. This extra supply of oxygen pushes the limits of diving, increases safety, and for some reduces fatigue. Without even going to the end of the world, there is nothing better to enjoy your weekends and holidays dedicated to your new hobby.

  • The Nitrox course

    In addition to your theoretical training, the EANx course dedicated to Nitrox will allow you to enrich your experience. First about the use of your diving instruments, mainly your computer. But also on the concepts of gas exchange, essential in the planning of your dives.

    This training is also based on e-learning training, which is much faster. The e-learning will be followed by a theoretical exchange with your instructor. It will also be a privileged moment to discover the logistical aspects of scuba diving . In particular, bottle management or the daily actions of our teams, in the warm world of our equipment room.

    The answers to your questions

    It is also the moment to ask all kinds of questions to our technicians, concerning the maintenance of your equipment. And also, why not, to glean some ideas for a walk on their native island. Made and his team will be happy to answer your questions. Probably with the help of your instructor, who will transform himself into a translator for the occasion!

    This training will end, on your fourth open water dive, with your first nitrox exploration dive .

    Once certified, no site will be banned anywhere in the world. It is also a way of joining, in the best conditions, the great family of scuba divers, proud of your achievements, curious and impatient in front of your future discoveries.

    Questions ? Contact us!

  • Read the reviews of other divers!

    Warnakali has received over  300 outstanding reviews  from divers around the world who have initiated, trained or dived with us. Read them, it will surely make you want to join them!

    Here are the latest comments from happy divers:


    Very nice experience, three days (for open water) at the top with a superb team! good mood at the meeting! Marion was our instructor, smiling and pedagogue she passed on her passion to us! Thank you very much, see you next time underwater ???? Alex

    PADI open water diploma

    What a crazy experience in Warnakali, 3 days spent with Marion for our PADI Open Water training, good memories, incredible dive sites and extra service! Marion is a great instructor who gives us confidence from the dives in the pool, and who accompanies us to perfection throughout the training. I 100% recommend the club! Thanks again to them for their kindness and professionalism! Justine

    PADI OPEN WATER training

    Top training with very professional staff. Thank you to Loïc and Célia and all the local staff who accompanied us during our PADI OPEN WATER training, and with whom we were able to train in full confidence. The training environment is just incredible, the dive sites are adapted to all levels and carefully chosen according to the different parameters so that during the course you can train and dive in the best conditions. The three of us leave with stars in our eyes and wonderful memories. THANK YOU ????????   

    Being claustrophobic and not super comfortable in the water I only wanted to do a little baptism at the base but the professionalism of the instructors of this center reassured me in the underwater environment and I come out with the certification OPEN WATER in pocket and 4 dives on the meter. Thanks again.

    Open Water

    Thank you to Yann and his team for these 3 days! 4 perfect dives to validate my Open Water. Yann is an attentive instructor who knows how to put you at ease. I recommend !

    A magical experience!

    I finished my Open Water certification yesterday at Warnakali and what to say… I do not see how it could have been better !! A big thank you to Célia who was my instructor during her 3 days. She was on top, attentive, patient and very pedagogical, I loved learning with her and I really felt safe. If you want to dive in Nusa Penida do not hesitate and go to Warnakali, I recommend !! Alex

    Unforgettable happiness

    A big thank you to the entire Warnakali team including the boat staff. I passed my Open Water certification in an atmosphere of conviviality and safety on and under water. Good mood reigns permanently and what to say about my instructor CELIA. The Top of the Top, the Boss of the depths. Celia made me live a dream on all the outings. Imagine 1st post open water outing… and there boom MOLA MOLA an absolute happiness that I will never forget. Thank you to Yann, Lander, Marion, Imam and especially Celia for their professionalism and friendliness which make Warnakali THE diving club in Nusa Penida. Hoping to see you again. Good bubbles to all Olivier ????????

    Open Water Diver in Warnakali

    I chose Warnakali to take my OWD and I am more than happy with my choice. Célia, my Dive Master was at the top. As much in terms of pedagogy as of its enthusiasm and dynamics. The dives were each time on different spots. I encountered a carpet shark for my first dive, the majestic manta rays for the 2nd, green turtles and multitude of fish for the 3rd and 4th ???????? I felt taken care of and safe at all times. Zero stress and conviviality guaranteed !! The center and its swimming pool offer a dream setting and provide good equipment. I highly recommend! Marine


    I have unforgettable memories of the Warnakali team ???? At the base I came to spend my Open Water but I left with much more: moments of sharing, precious advice in and out of the water, unforgettable surroundings. A big thank you to the team but more particularly to Loïc and Jean Philippe who gave me the virus. Eric


    We had our Padi open water with the warnakali center and we are more than delighted! The entire team is very welcoming! Dylan is a very good instructor who is attentive, knows how to question himself and very friendly on top of that! We did 4 exceptional dives (not counting the day in the pool to learn) we had the chance to see manta ray bamboo shark turtles and magnificent corals! An incredible experience that will remain engraved in our memories !! We already miss diving, Warnakali thank you! Maxim


    Excellent dive center !! Loic was a great coach to pass my open water, very professional! The spot for swimming pool training is magnificent and the dives just as much (turtles, manta rays…) Head full of memories !! I highly recommend ! Adriena


    With the infinity pool, the restaurant, and a more than friendly team, I could not have asked for better to pass my PADI Open Water. Claire

    Superb school!

    We had our open water with Célia. The school is top notch, the instructors very educational and the setting magnificent. We highly recommend Warnakali! Lucy

    a unique experience!

    I spent 4 days and Penida and I really did not regret a second for choosing Warnakali for my Open water. I was not very confident with Scuba Diving due to a previous experience in Australia. In Warnakali I was very well taken care of by my instructor Yuda upon my arrival. He reassured me extremely and the welcome was generous. The lessons are personalized and the dive spots are incredible. I was lucky that the team also wanted to film me with their Go Pro to have some memories of my OW. In addition, the team is international and Yuda my very experienced instructor. The food in the center is fabulous and the view at sunset: a real treat.

    Warnakali means “full of colors” as Yann told me, and it's a nice name to describe the experience they offer. Thank you to them for this unique experience!

    Like a fish in water

    It was not won with me: panic fear of drowning after a few unfortunate diving baptisms badly prepared (elsewhere). Célia reconciled me with Jojo the grouper and the Silence of the Sea by dint of patience and extreme kindness. 4 days and 6 dives later, Open Water validated, Manta rays and drift diving included! (thank you to the green lobster… not even afraid in Hawaii in a much less benevolent context !!).

    Warnakali is also and above all Yann. Not only very professional for training, passionate about underwater life and fascinating, but also which, in 4 days, warmly installs us in his daily life. (thank you for these excellent meals with frenzied discussions, these unforgettable restaurants: breathtaking view at the Amok Sunset and THE Krusty Bar- Noa cannot recover from her meeting with Carlo Tentacules at the turn of the fridge!) In short, lovers of cold tourist consumerism , go your way. Warnakali is a rare experience of generosity and human warmth. Laure and her clique

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