PADI Advanced Open Water in Nusa Penida

As a PADI 5 star dive resort, Warnakali brings you world-renowned training under the supervision of experienced professionals. We offer diving training and initiations to adults and children.

As a PADI 5 star dive resort, Warnakali brings you world-renowned training under the supervision of experienced professionals. We offer diving training and initiations to adults and children.

For the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course, you will choose 5 dives in the best spots of Nusa Penida in Bali, among the 15 adventure dives offered. 

A plus with Warnakali: you can integrate the Dive against Debris and Adaptive Support specialties in your choices, to become a true responsible diver.

As part of our programs, we are accompanied by all the safety equipment necessary for the practice of scuba diving, namely oxygen, first aid kit, means of communication.

PADI Advanced Open Water in Nusa Penida

The PADI Advanced Open Water course

PADI Open Water training teaches you how to dive safely, but it is primarily focused on the diver himself. It focuses in particular on how to behave underwater and have the right reflexes. The PADI Advanced Open Water course will complete your diver training by opening your eyes to the underwater world. And therefore allow you to explore more fully the possibilities offered by it. This is how it goes at Warnakali Dive Center , Nusa Penida, Bali.

It all starts with the discussion with your instructor, during which you will discuss your experience as a diver as well as your expectations. You will build your training with him. Depending on your wishes and the possibilities offered by the natural environment of Nusa Penida.

You choose !

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course will allow you to choose from 15 types of adventure dives . For example, you can try deep diving, night diving, sidemount configuration, buoyancy control and many others.

Nusa Penida is the perfect setting for this training. Why ? Because its sites are world famous for their beauty , but also for their technicality . Warnakali instructors are thoroughly familiar with all the dive sites in Nusa Penida. They will allow you to get the best out of your training.

Exploration, Emotion, Experiences

These are the three key words of the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. You don't have to be specially advanced to follow it. Because the course is designed to advance your diving technique once you have obtained your PADI Open Water Diver certification . The course helps build your confidence and develop your skills through different adventure dives.

You test different specialties while gaining experience under the supervision of your Warnakali instructor. And so you will find new ways to find fun while diving.

Who can take the PADI Advanced Open Water course?

Open Water Divers aged 12 and over can participate in the Advanced Open Water Diver course. But beware, young divers can only participate in certain adventure dives. So remember to check.

If you are already an adventure diver , you just need to complete two additional dives to obtain the Advanced Open Water Diver certification.


What will you learn during the PADI Advanced Open Water course?

By passing the PADI Open Water, you have unleashed a real passion for scuba diving. Therefore, like most of us, the desire never leaves you to discover even more about this universe. But also to progress. Continuing with the PADI Advanced Open Water training, the Warnakali team will accompany you through 5 adventure dives .

These dives will be chosen with your instructor according to your desires and your objectives. Here, fewer theoretical courses, learning is indeed based on an exchange between enthusiasts . The briefing of each dive will be an opportunity to do a quick review of your knowledge together.

Concrete feedback

The complete debriefings will allow you to specify all the aspects and details of the chosen adventures, with concrete feedback. During the dives you will practice fun exercises putting into practice new techniques. Or demonstrating in a simple way, some concepts of scuba diving. An effective way to continue your exploration of the dive sites of Nusa Penida in Bali by combining fun, learning and safety.

Choose 5 adventure dives for the advanced open water

There are two required dives: deep dive and underwater orientation . But you will choose the other three, for a total of five dives. These are our favorite adventures at Warnakali.

During deep diving , you will learn to plan your dive to cope with the physiological effects of this type of diving. The maximum depth for an open water diver is 18 meters. With the deep diving specialty you will be able to cross this limit, without exceeding 40 meters.

The orientation dive underwater refine your compass navigation skills. It will also help you navigate better by using kicking cycles, visual cues and time.

Our other favorite adventure dives

During the night dive you will meet underwater species invisible by day and witness incredible behaviors. 

The dive sites of Nusa Penida are famous because the currents, sometimes intense, promote a very rich underwater life . This is why it is essential to be well trained to practice  drift diving .

Likewise, good buoyancy control is important for maximum comfort and ease underwater. But also to optimize its air consumption.

During a dynamic and fun training, search and recovery , you will develop all the skills necessary to be able to find objects in an efficient and safe way.

The PADI project aware fish identification specialty allows you to approach the different families of fish, how to recognize them. But also to learn their behavior and to make you aware of their protection.

You will also develop your knowledge of flora and fauna, symbiosis and underwater ecosystems with the PADI underwater naturalist specialty .

The PADI enriched air diving specialty NITROX allows us to extend our diving time . But also to shorten the time of surface intervals.

What diving equipment will you use?

Beyond standard snorkel gear, you'll need a diving compass and knife. You can also use specialized equipment depending on the adventure dives you choose. For example, you will need a sidemount setup during the Sidemount Adventure Dive.

Your Warnakali instructor will explain the equipment you need. They can also offer you additional equipment. For example the lamp for night diving. Or the lifting bag for searching and recovering an object.

A PADI advanced open water "plus"

Become the pair that everyone wants by their side

You will have understood it in the course of this reading and you will see it in our discussions. The philosophy of the Warnakali diving center is oriented towards sharing and exchange. It is indeed our way of transmitting our passion, of teaching it and of sharing it.

This is why we offer a PADI advanced open water formula adapted to those who wish to dive in respect of the environment. How to protect an environment? By taking care of him, by giving him back what he offers us. Perhaps also by considering the beings who compose it and invite themselves to it.

Warnakali advantages: dive against debris

During your PADI open water you are focused on your comfort and safety. As a logical consequence, your PADI advanced open water course will open your eyes to the world around you. It is a privileged moment to learn to clean, without damaging the flora and fauna . This certifying training is called Dive against debris .

This training includes a theoretical part and a dive in the sea, incorporated into the training dives. During this dive, we will clear the site that we have adopted via the organization Project AWARE, Gamat Bay .

Warnakali advantages: adaptive support

Since we invite ourselves underwater, we are an integral part of the environment. Completing your PADI Advanced Open Water with Adaptive Support training will be ideal to become a responsible diver. It includes a theoretical part and an always fun moment, shared in the swimming pool. This training will allow you to be aware of the techniques and solutions for diving with a disabled buddy. But also to overcome the a priori and the questions concerning all types of handicap in diving. This sea dive will also be part of your 5 certification dives.

Beyond the satisfaction of becoming PADI Advanced Open Water, you will have the pride of becoming a responsible diver. And respectful of the world around him. A full member of the Warnakali family.

Read the reviews of other divers!

Warnakali has received over  300 outstanding reviews  from divers around the world who have initiated, trained or dived with us. Read them, it will surely make you want to join them!

Here are the latest comments from happy divers:

A wonderful experience

Wonderful moments spent thanks to the whole Warnakali team. Open Water, then Advanced, Nitrox, Dive Against Debris… A real pleasure to pass all these patents there. Both the context is great and the support. Yann, the manager makes us feel very comfortable, on and in the water.

Learning in the pool, surrounded by a wonderful view to the bottom of the sea strewn with corals and colorful fish, everything was perfect. The equipment is ready on the boat when you arrive, there is nothing to carry. The crew is very happy, the coffee break and fruit salad between dives is really pleasant. The dive center is very nice, the view is superb and the menu of quality. We were also able to discover Amok Sunset thanks to Yann, a place that I strongly recommend to visit. Thank you again for all.

See you soon, I hope. Arnaud

To dive

I came in November to spend my advanced with Celia a top instructor, Lander a brilliant dive master like florian, Christine, and Loïc, great experience I would come back next year, great diving with confidence, mola mola, thank you also to Yann . Aïtana

Unforgettable dives

I recommend this dive center without hesitation! What a great experience! Left for an open water without being sure of arriving there, the pedagogy, the personality of Celia, her professionalism, her more than reassuring side finally pushed me to validate my Advence and my nitrox!

A thousand thanks again Celia, thanks to her I overcame my apprehensions and discovered a world still unknown to me, the aquatic world with the added bonus of my 1st shark! Not to mention the turtles and other very numerous fish! Julie

Great dives - mantas and mola-mola

I spent 7 days diving with Warnakali for my deep diving and Nitrox training as well as recreational dives. Delighted with the welcome from the whole team, the equipment is top notch, I am cautious, they did everything to keep me warm. I saw mantas 3 times and mola mola 2 times, as well as turtles, nudibranchs that I love and a lot of very beautiful fish. I highly recommend this center! Agathe

Wonderful experience with Warnakali Dive Center

One week, 18 dives, 6 PADI certifications and lots of memories. A fairly intense program but masterfully organized by the Warnakali team, pick up at my hotel, splendid 3m deep infinity pool for training with a breathtaking view and 5 star services on the boat. Special mention to Celia my instructor who showed great professionalism. In short, I highly recommend this center to discover the fabulous seabed of the island. Thomas

Warnakali dive center

End of our trip to Nusa Penida???? we leave with memories in our heads like this magnificent layer of sun in the @warnakali center, and an Open water diving diploma for me and Advanced for Pierre. We recommend this PADI center 120% to you, I had a very careful instructor and especially dives forever engraved in our memories. We had the chance to dive at Manta point and meet 6 majestic Manta Rays ???? and as a bonus a bamboo shark ?! In short the kifff ... A big thank you to the whole team


A center on a human scale with a great team. Yan Titi Loic JP were at the top. Magnificent dives with multicolored fish, manta rays on exceptional dive sites. Reassuring guidance for beginners like me who spent my open water despite the apprehension of the start which turned into magical moments. Secure with pros who supervise you.

My 15-year-old son spent his advanced training with Yan the center manager with whom he learned a lot and in whom he found a diving friend. What is most important is that this dive center listens to problems and Yan was more than professional in advising us because Hugo had a problem with his ears, a bacteria and Yan immediately took us in hand indicating an ENT.

It is not only the money that counts at Warnakali but the concern for the customer's well-being. He took care of everything to take care of our problem. I recommend this center for confidence, security, atmosphere and a shock team in this beautiful aquatic environment. Thanks to the whole team. Eric


An incredible experience with a team of passionate and smiling professionals! I had come to the base to take my Open Water, and I left with my Advanced! This is an awesome dive center that will do anything to make you feel right at home.

We experienced unique and unforgettable moments both underwater and in the center, thanks to the top-notch staff! ???? In addition, we have never been better served than on the Warnakali boat: fruit salad, tea, coffee etc. between each dive! and without forgetting the great playlist of Yann ???? Warnakali, the only address to blow bubbles in Nusa Penida! ???? Ines

In the top

We had decided to go to penida to take our Open water and for that we chose Warnakali and it was just great ... especially Célia ???? who taught us a lot of things, who is very professional, attentive, reassuring and especially who supported us for almost 1 week since we felt so confident with her that we continued with the advanced open water…. the seabed of nusa penida is magnificent, with each dive we emerged with stars in our eyes. Thank you, Yann and Célia, for all these good times spent together… and for this place that deserves a detour for all diving enthusiasts…


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