Drift dive in Nusa Penida, Bali

As diving enthusiasts, we often dive sites with very different characteristics. Around Nusa Penida, the currents also create an intense underwater life. This is why it is essential to be well trained to practice drift diving. The principle is simple. We get into the water at point A and the boat comes to pick us up at point B. We then drifted naturally with the current, no need to return to our fins. The PADI drift dive specialty is the training during which we will teach you all the techniques necessary to take full advantage of this type of dive. This feeling of flying over the reefs is amazing !

How does the PADI drift dive specialty work in Nusa Penida?

Your training will consist of two dives in a natural environment. We will therefore choose the sites according to sea conditions, to have current. The goal is to learn how to adapt your position in the current to make the most of your dive. We will teach you how close you must be to the reef without ever touching it, your position in relation to your partner and your instructor.

During fun exercises, we will correct some details so that you are more and more comfortable in the currents. It’s our captain and his mate who will follow our bubbles from the surface to locate our exit point. At the end of the dive, we will deploy a signaling parachute to indicate our presence to the other boats and to complete our dive safely.

Once your certification has been validated, your ease will allow you to gain confidence. Drift diving will have no more secrets for you and you will be able to take full advantage of the new diving possibilities. North of Nusa Penida, Sental or Ped will become beautiful walks. You can also dive at the most demanding dive sites in Nusa Penida. Amok and Batut Bolong, for example, with all the underwater life favored by their regular currents. With the opportunity to meet our dear Mola-Mola, among others. There are many and varied possibilities in Nusa Penida to improve your technique. And allow you to discover the pleasure of "flying" underwater!

Choose to drift dive with Warnakali

Choosing the drift diving specialty with the Warnakali diving center is the assurance of advancing your scuba diving techniques and at the same time continuing your PADI training. The first dive of your drifting specialty will credit you with one of the 5 adventure dives of your PADI Advanced Open Water. The completed specialty counts for your Master Scuba Diver.

Come drift with the Warnakali team!

Formation's goal :

Understand what a drift dive is, its benefits and the necessary precautions.
Know the different currents, their causes, potential changes during a dive, and the peculiarities of these around Nusa Penida.
Master the different types of drift dives, when and how to use them, and understand the importance of surface supervision.
Understand the different materials specific to drift diving, how to choose your equipment according to conditions, know how to surround yourself to prepare your dives.
Plan your drift dive, the different possible techniques, how to choose the best suited to each situation.
Know the potential causes of stress related to the current, how to anticipate them, and how to deal with them.

The 2 training dives at sea will allow you to put your new knowledge into practice. Since the planning of your dives, you will practice the various launching, to control your buoyancy in the currents without touching the reef, and to maintain contact with your dive. We will also work on the different end of dive management, until we return to the boat.

Training prerequisites :

Be certified (Junior) Open Water PADI or a recognized equivalent certification,
Be 12 years old.
Minimum training in a natural environment: 2 dives

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