Deep dive in Nusa Penida, Bali

We all remember our first dives. We were amazed to discover how easily we could breathe underwater. All along our training, we were then fascinated to discover a world of color, bathed in light, in the shallow water. As our experiences progress, the urge to explore, to go further, the attraction for deep blue becomes urgent. It's time to pass the PADI deep diving specialty!

Why take the PADI deep diving specialty?
This specialty makes it possible to explore new, deeper dive sites, for example wrecks. But also to explore more fully known sites. It is always pleasant, for example, to discover manta rays sailing in the shallow waters of Manta Point. But further, deeper, the topography is very different. And above a sandy bottom you may have the chance to come across a thresher shark. Or our dear Mola Mola.

The sites change in appearance depending on the dive profiles. The PADI deep diving specialty therefore provides the skills necessary to discover every nook and cranny. And enjoy this pleasant feeling of vertigo in the vastness!

How does the PADI deep diving specialty work in Nusa Penida?
The four training dives in a natural environment will offer you the opportunity to discover all the interest of the depths of Nusa Penida, but also the aspects relating to pressure. By practicing a few exercises at each immersion, we will address, among other things, the effect of pressurized air on our nervous system, how to apprehend it and react to it. These dives will also be an opportunity to improve your buoyancy, at various depths.

The sites chosen by the Warnakali team will allow you to meet new underwater species. For example, several types of sharks in Batu Bolong or pygmy seahorses in Sental. And we will of course always be looking for our dear Mola Mola in Crystal Bay. During these surprising dives you will learn to use your knowledge already acquired in different conditions, develop your underwater skills and master the positive stress caused by the depths.

PADI Advanced open water deep diving Warnakali Nusa Penida Bali
Deep diving exercise

Going down deeper is a personal challenge, we all remember our first “40”. In order to do it safely, follow your Warnakali instructor!

Choosing the deep diving specialty with the Warnakali diving center is the assurance of advancing your scuba diving techniques and at the same time continuing your PADI training. The first dive of your deep specialty will credit you with one of the 5 adventure dives of your PADI Advanced Open Water. The completed specialty will be taken into account for your Master Scuba Diver.

Objective of the deep diving training:
Prepare a deep leisure dive, define its reasonable objectives and its limits.
Determine the suitability of your equipment and use specific equipment related to deep diving.
Learn the techniques and practices necessary for comfort and safety in deep diving.
Learn to prevent, if necessary react to different situations related to depth.
Training prerequisites:
Be PADI Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water Diver certified
Be at least 15 years old

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